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Exit 21

New York has always been known as a hotbed for musical talent, and Exit 21 is no exception to this. The four young men from Long Island have captured the attention of fans worldwide, creating a frenzy amongst industry professionals, prominent DJ’s and music lovers everywhere.  The R&B group era is being revitalized through Exit 21, and it’s apparent they have an audience. Their social media numbers are staggering and continue to climb. The guys appreciate each fan and constantly interact with them, generating more interest while keeping them entertained.


The group consists of four members, the twins; Ron and B-Smoove, their cousin Showtime, and long time friend Shawn Foxx, they are a team and family with a shared vision.  Having mostly known each other since birth, it makes for a seamless chemistry and maintains harmony throughout their music and interaction.  They encourage one another and have rich musical backgrounds through family and life experiences, which have been the foundation for their work.  The guys would say they don’t see it as work though, “We love what we do, and it’s something we enjoy.” They consider themselves lucky because every day, they “get to wake up and do something they have a passion for”. 


The four have always been entertainers; whether at family functions or a friend’s party, the guys could be found singing or dancing at some point. Their charisma, voices and larger than life personalities, combined with a unique and somewhat flirtatious swag, keep all eyes and ears fixed on Exit 21. Each member brings his own unique energy to the crowd, with a smooth symbiosis that collectively captivates. The twins both play the drums, and of the two of them, Ron plays the piano as well, adding to their music arsenal.  They all possess a dynamic stage presence; Showtime lives up to his name by engaging the crowd, while Shawn brings a cool and charming vibe to their performance. Together, they hold the spotlight.


Musically, they are influenced by classic and modern artists from Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown to Usher, which all have one thing in common, they are entertainers.  Every aspect of Exit 21’s career is all encompassing, combining heartfelt R&B with a street edge and bounce, creating a platform for dance and showmanship.  In collaboration with their label EP Entertainment, the focus has been on every meticulous detail, working nonstop with dance rehearsals, vocal training and studio sessions. Every day is spent polishing their skills, developing themselves as artists and entertainers and keeping the fans informed.  Exit 21 is filled with an unyielding desire to succeed in becoming globally recognized as the next big R&B group, driven by the reaction, appreciation, and love from their followers.  As they always say, “Everybody wants to be famous, but not everybody wants to put in that work”, which Exit 21 does relentlessly.

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